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SfProcur Curator December 19 – December 23: Lauriane Nallet – @lnk1618

Lauriane Nallet-Khosrofian is a PhD candidate in Neuroscience in
Zürich, Switzerland. As we talked about in a previous podcast episode, she is concerned about mental health of PhDs and Postdocs. She is further interested in the place of gender equality in academia, and science communication. Lauriane tries to participate in different projects regarding these topics: interviews, podcasts, blogs… Recently, she started the launch of the scientific festival “Pint Of Science” in Zürich.

During her week on @SfPRocur, she will talk about skills of academics that are transferable to other workplaces, and different ways of personal growth outside of the lab.


Lauriane is originally from southern France’ nicest city: Nice. She wanted to be a scientist since childhood. She studied at the University of Nice in the program “Science of Life and Health”, but failed in the first year of Master degree. She then switched to a Neuroscience Master degree in Marseille instead. She says this was the best decision. She loves neuroscience because it explores the biological mechanisms behind psychology.

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