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Planning SfP Convention 2018 in Lisbon

After the March for Science in 2017 the question was whether we should have another march this year. Our impression was that the science fair that followed the march was actually more successful than the march itself. So we think it would be more interesting, to have a convention rather than another march!

At the convention we want to bring the public audience together with scientists, science communicators and advocats from across Portugal. We hope that this contributes to our mission to convey the historical and philosophical basics of science, the way academia works (and it’s problems), the expert view on critical topics, and how the sciences can help solve the problems of the 21st century.

We are thinking of two days of short workshops and lectures, and a keynote talk or a debate at the end of each day. Our preferred date would be around June 22nd, hoping that that’s a good time for school classes to show up.

However, these plans might of course change based on the feedback we get from the scene.
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🔬 🇵🇹➡️Assina o #ManifestodaCiencia2018 ! O avanço científico de Portugal esta em vias de extinção! A politização da ciência está a aniquilar e a subverter os princípios q regem a independência do trabalho científico em Portugal! ➡️ @SciForProgress


Oh man, THREAD:

1/ When I decided to pursue a PhD in the environmental humanities, I came from a space of what the author terms "white-led conservationism" in which environmental advocacy is designed to benefit mostly white, wealthy folks.

Yeah, but it's not because you lack passion for your work. It is because the self-exploiting PI's are exploitative bosses who demand obedience to the toxic worship of 'passion' and 'calling'.

self-financed sabbatical as scholar and Science Advocate (starting August)
graduate student
undergraduate student
driver collecting stuff from all over Germany
course tutor several times
red cross ambulanceman (instead of mandatory military service)

I did copper tests on my tank water and the distilled water I use and it proved conclusively that it was the "snail-free" plants that introduced copper into my tank and killed my pets.

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