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In the podcast we talk about topics related to science, humanities, society, and of course progress!


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Tweets for Progress!

@SfPRocur - Science for Progress rotating curators on twitter.

Our mission is to give the people a voice who are working on making the world better using evidence. With the twitter rocur account @SfPRocur we simply hand over the mic:

  • March 26 - 31: Tabitha Moses - @back2brains
  • April 2 - 7: Hillary Stires - @HillStirSci
  • April 9 - 14: Pilar Vesga - @caterpilarvesga
  • April 16 - 21: - open -
  • April 23 - 28: Fanny Jones - @CitSciZurich
  • April 30 - May 5: Susanne Tönsmann - @pwa_zurich
  • May 7 - 12: Filipa M. Ferreira - @science_glamour
  • May 14 - 19: - open -

Interested in curating SfPRocur?

Email us who you are and what you want to tweet about to! We will check if it's a good fit!

Curator Archive

Twitter feed:

I did an AMA on Instagram with @addictivebrain and decided to turn it into a intro series for my neuroscience videos.
In this first part I introduce myself with a brief run-down of my career and research.
#neuroscience #career #PhD

#SciComm and #ScienceTwitter: I’m hungry for some really well written articles—I’m talking ride past your bus stop because you can’t stop reading good. Any recommendations?

This is the last day with Gaius, on @sfprocur!
On Tuesday, Tabitha - @back2brains - will take over!


Growing up in PT most people I interacted with officially (doctor appointments, school etc) were women. This and the fact my mum always worked full time, made me think this is the norm: to have a career and to keep a family.

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