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The community of people active in science progressive topics mostly consists of a large number of individuals and small teams who struggle for visibility. As science advocates, Science for Progress wants to help giving these activities a larger audience.

This is why we offer this platform to people of the community! You will find event announcements, introductions, and opinion pieces on diverse science progressivist topics!

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In the podcast we talk about topics related to science, humanities, society, and of course progress!

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Our mission is to give the people a voice who are working on making the world better using evidence. With the twitter rocur account @SfPRocur we simply hand over the mic:

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Science for Progress Play in new window | Download (Duration: 35:57 — 33.7MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | RSSScience compensates for the shortcomings of human cognition. It allows us to...
Science for Progress
Science for Progress
Administration officials said proposed testimony by a State Department scientist amounted to “climate alarm propaganda.”
Science for Progress
Science for Progress
"Research on animals has delivered many benefits to humanity. ...

Keeping sentient beings confined, operating on and killing them, is difficult for me, and doesn’t square with my love of animals."
Science for Progress
Science for Progress
Study shows 571 species wiped out, and scientists say figure is likely to be big underestimate
Science for Progress
Science for Progress
There are a handful of major science institutions around the world that keep track of the Earth's temperature. They all clearly show that the world's temperature has risen in the past few decades. One of those institutions is NASA.
Science for Progress
Science for Progress
We need to be very careful with such technologies: "The system struggled with people of certain identities."


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EXTENDED EPISODE released: Visiting the Recovering Academic Podcast – full conversation!
#career #altcareer #academia
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The March for Science in Germany – with Dr. Tanja Baudson and Claus Martin
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You've made the call, right? haven't.....
ok, all still have time....

Please do the thing if you want to have federal protections that are based on #science and not political whim.

Thanks - You Da Best!!
#ScientificIntegrityAct #StandUpForScience

Tilo Weber, at #FELASA2019, shows that Non-technical Summaries often leave a lot to be desired, in terms of reporting of required information, based on a sample of 300 NTS (from UK and Germany). SciForProgress photo