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The community of people active in science progressive topics mostly consists of a large number of individuals and small teams who struggle for visibility. As science advocates, Science for Progress wants to help giving these activities a larger audience.

This is why we offer this platform to people of the community! You will find event announcements, introductions, and opinion pieces on diverse science progressivist topics!

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In the podcast we talk about topics related to science, humanities, society, and of course progress!

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Our mission is to give the people a voice who are working on making the world better using evidence. With the twitter rocur account @SfPRocur we simply hand over the mic:

  • July 30 - August 4: Dennis Eckmeier - @DennisEckmeier
  • August: - SUMMER BREAK -
  • September 03-08: Dustin Eirdosh - @GlobalESD
  • September 10-15: - open -
  • September 17-22: Gretchen Diaz - @GreetDiaz
  • September 24-29: - open -
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Science for Progress
Science for Progress
In the first of two meetings, an international commission discussed the criteria required before such experiments should be conducted—if ever
Science for Progress
Science for Progress
Don’t ‘Sleep Faster’ – with Lars Dittrich on the Science for Societal Progress podcast!
Science for Progress
Science for Progress
Genetically Modified Crops and the European Union – with Hélène Pidon on the Science for Societal Progress podcast!
Science for Progress
Science for Progress
B&D: Peer Review & #ScienceTwitter - on the Science for Societal Progress Podcast!
Science for Progress
Science for Progress
Scientists can improve how they inform politicians and other policymakers on how to make decisions, say Hannah Safford and Austin Brown.
Science for Progress
Science for Progress
I always found starting to create a communication piece daunting. But that became much easier once I realized that, regardless of the format, there are always the same 4 core elements.
- by Dennis Eckmeier, PhD


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Scientists Seek Better Guidelines for Editing Genes in Human Embryos

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