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We closed with 2020 after three years of science advocacy. The podcast is still available to listen! Enjoy!

Science for Societal Progress - podcast

In the podcast we talk about topics related to science, humanities, society, and of course progress!

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Most important handbook of German university administrations: ‘1000 legal tricks to deny researchers unlimited contracts and fair working conditions’ #IchbinHanna #IchBinReyan
A lot of research funding is allocated through competitive peer review of project proposals. It is claimed that this system is efficient, and selects the best and the most innovative science. In fact, it is highly inefficient, and it hampers innovation. (2/16)
Join us in a couple of hours for our #SciCommChat of 2022. The floor is open to any questions you may have about #SciComm, whether you are a beginner or more established within the industry. Come chat with us at 6pm GMT. SciForProgress photo
When you're searching for a job outside academia, or even just thinking about doing that, sometimes you need to *not* talk to the academics in your life. That doesn't mean you won't ever talk to them again! Just maybe right now they aren't who you need to be in conversation with.