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In the podcast we talk about topics related to science, humanities, society, and of course progress!


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Tweets for Progress!

@SfPRocur - Science for Progress rotating curators on twitter.

Our mission is to give the people a voice who are working on making the world better using evidence. With the twitter rocur account @SfPRocur we simply hand over the mic!

Line Up:

  • November 13 - 18: Mathis Riehle - @morenorse
  • November 20 - 25: - open -
  • November 27 - December 02: Cleyde Helena - @Doctor_PMS
  • December 04 - 09: - open -
  • December 11 - 16: - open -
  • December 18 - 23: - open -
  • December 25 - January 8: Holiday Break

Interested in curating SfPRocur?

Email us who you are and what you want to tweet about to! We will check if it's a good fit!

Curator Archive

Twitter feed:

I also love @openbehavior.
They’ve built an extensive list of projects for behavioral neuroscience.
I love the capacitive touch lick-o-meter project for all kinds of rat-detecting (not just licks).

I think that DIYing your stuff is particularly a good option for expensive lab machines that pretend to be much more high-tech than they actually are (things like PCR machines, but also button boxes and things like levers for behavior tests in animals).

SfProcur Curator November 13 – 18: Mathis Riehle – @morenorse

It's a sale week on our merchandise store! $14 Tees!
November 12th- November 18th

And with that, I'm signing off for this @SfPRocur week.
You can find me @SusanLeemburg, where you can ask me everything you ever wanted to know about tweeting for us and other @SciForProgress things.
You can also send me pictures of cute animals 😁

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