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In the podcast we talk about topics related to science, humanities, society, and of course progress!


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Tweets for Progress!

@SfPRocur - Science for Progress rotating curators on twitter.

Our mission is to give the people a voice who are working on making the world better using evidence. With the twitter rocur account @SfPRocur we simply hand over the mic!

Line Up:

  • October 09 - 14: Valerie Bentivegna - @vbentii
  • October 16 - 21: - open -
  • October 23 - 28: Open Science Week with Gwen Frank - @g_fra
  • November 06 - 11: - open -
  • November 13 - 18: Mathis Riehle - @morenorse
  • November 20 - 25: - open -
  • November 27 - December 02: Cleyde Helena - @Doctor_PMS
  • December 04 - 09: - open -
  • December 11 - 16: - open -

Interested in curating SfPRocur?

Email us who you are and what you want to tweet about to! We will check if it's a good fit!

Curator Archive

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Holy moly, that was hard work... This episode took me for ever to put forever...

Genetically Modified Crops and the European Union – with Hélène Pidon (@HPidon)
#GMO #EU #glyphosate #climatechange #agriculture

What's up with #academia? What can it do for #society?! I interview people who make the ivory tower a better place, or work where the academies meet society.
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#PhDlife #ECRchat #Science

Are you working for a better #academia or for better interactions between academia and the public/government? Are you doing #SciComm? #SciAdvocacy?
You should consider curating @sfprocur for a few days! PLS RT!


Podcast interview with @brembs for @SciForProgress on the #journalimpactfactor and how (not) to evaluate #researchers. Key points that journal reputation does not guarantee scientific quality and that an #openscience network is needed. Listen → @Eurodoc

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