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SfProcur curator September 03-08: Dustin Eirdosh – @GlobalESD

Dustin Eirdosh is a PhD candidate and education outreach coordinator for the psychology department of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. There, he develops classroom collaborations that engage students in understanding the evolutionary origins of human behaviors, and cognitive and cultural capacities. The goal is to help solve the challenges of global sustainability.

To live on this planet without depleting its resources, people need to adapt. By understanding “how people work” on many levels (evolutionary, cultural, psychological, physiological, etc.), Dustin and his colleagues want to help students acquire the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills. They work with classrooms around the world to develop curricula that engage students and help them learn these critical concepts.

During his week on @sfprocur, Dustin wants to convey that helping students understand scientific perspectives on the human condition, may make the world a better place.


Dustin is originally from Philadelphia, USA. Already at an early age he was deeply disenchanted with formal education. But he was fascinated by the human mind and how people can work together to make the world a better place.

In college, he studied Human Ecology from where he was led to study agricultural sciences, community development, and educational innovation.

Dustin spent his 20’s working with teachers on community-based science education projects, and raising grass-fed pork and beef in Maine, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

In his late 20’s he got a scholarship to a graduate school in Germany, where he began to focus on the behavioral and psychological dimensions of sustainability issues.

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