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SFProcur Curator May 08-13: Beth Windle – @WindleBeth

You can do anything if you work hard enough and you can convince the public to protect a species that isn’t considered to be charismatic.

Beth Windle is a freelance artist and natural science illustrator from England, with a love for hyenas. From a young age she was keen to explore and understand the many flora and fauna that share her world. Most of what she illustrates reflects this, showing the intricate details and understanding of anatomy and behaviors of her chosen subjects.

Beth is passionate about science communication, and improving the public image of hyenas. So she likes to have hard conversations about conservation.

Beth describes her career as ‘complicated but interesting’. After graduating from Plymouth University in 2015, she has spent her time freelancing and working within science communication. On twitter she created the “#thylastream” hashtag, where she shared information about the extinct Australian Thylacine. It’s been used as a teaching reference on the impacts of modern extinction. More recently she started #woopcackle where she shares information about hyenas!

This description is in parts taken from Beth Windle’s homepage

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