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sfprocur curator March 5 – 10: Olivia Guest – @O_Guest

Dr. Olivia Guest is a PhD in Cognitive Science and, originally from Cyprus, works as research scientist at University College London. Her work involves building computer models and applying artificial intelligence (deep learning) for various purposes, including research on gerrymandering/redistricting, or analysis of brain imaging data.

Apart from her research, Olivia is interested in how science is perceived by society and how it is portrayed in the media, but also how social issues can impinge on science. Racism and sexism exist in academia just as they do anywhere else, and they can affect scientific research, the interpretation and (public) reporting of scientific results, and the scientists personally.

Olivia will tell us about her own published research, and will further talk about social issues within and surrounding science.


Olivia grew up in Cyprus, which she describes as ‘extremely sunny, but also highly militarized and religious island’. She moved to the UK when she was 18.

She did a BSc in Computer Science in York, already aiming to transition into Cognitive Science. Olivia then moved to London where she got her MSc in Cognitive Science, which she followed up with a PhD dedicated to cognitive modelling, with a focus on artificial neural networks.

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