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B&D: The EU, Greens, Homeopathy, and Postdocs – Patreon Exclusive Episode Opened

In parallel to my podcast, I make extended – more raw – versions available to my supporters on Patreon. After a while, I open these episodes to the public.

This time I opened another conversation with my co-host Bart Geurten about the success of the Greens in the EU parliament elections, homeopathy, and postdocs.

 The Greens

In the recent EU parliament elections, Bart voted for the Green party. And overall, the Greens have gained seats in the parliament. This is mostly because of the increased awareness of climate action in the population. But are the Greens a good option for evidence-based policies in general?

Our own experience is with the Green party in Germany, so apologies for the German-centered politics discussion. If you aren’t from Germany, please let us know what you think by getting in contact (see box for contacts)! We’d really like to hear other takes on this from other countries!


We then talk about homeopathy. I recently wrote a short post on a current issue, where a German pharmaceutical company is trying to silence a homeopathy critic in Germany.


And finally, we look back at the last episode on the conditions for postdocs we discussed in the last episode with Gary McDowell. We compare what “Future of Research” found with our own experiences and expectations as postdocs.

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