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25 SciComm: Pint of Science – with Elodie Chabrol

In May will be the next Pint of Science event!

Pint of Science is an annual festival that was founded by Michael Motskin and Praveen Paul. Every May scientists present their research to a public audience in a pub or a bar. It started in the UK in 2014, and it’s now spread throughout the world, with official events in 24 countries. In 2018, 120 000 people visited Pint of Science events. The events are planned by local teams, which make up the 3000 volunteers.

In this episode I spoke with Pint of Science organizer Elodie Chabrol, a former neuroscience researcher, who is now a full-time science communicator.

Already during her days as a researcher, Elodie tried to explain her work to colleagues, friends and family, which made her conscious about how to communicate effectively. As a professional freelance science communicator she wants to encourage scientists to share their stories, and to demonstrate that scientists are approachable. She loves it, when people understand what she is trying to explain.

Elodie switched to science communication in 2017, after she had been organizing Pint of Science for 4 years, already. She joined Pint of Science, because she was interested in organizing event. And when somebody else quit, she took the opportunity to become part of the core organizer team.

The work of a science communicator can be diverse. For Pint of Science Elodie trains speakers, and gives promotional talks. But she also speaks about science on podcasts or radio shows, and trains scientists in public speaking and social media use. She was able to transition into freelance work relatively smoothly, but she had established a profile over the previous 4 years, which was a lot of work.

Pint of Science will be on May 20-22. To find out whether there are events in your area, visit their website – since we recorded the interview, the programmes went online.  

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