Science for Progress

because science is fundamental in the 21st century

Science for Progress aims to be a catalyst in the conversations between science and scientists, and the public. With financial support we can invest more time into the project, improving on quality and reach, and create new initiatives. If your organization is interested in supporting our cause, we will welcome your contribution!

While financial support would be the most useful to us, at the moment, equipment donations, or sharing of other resources (in Lisbon, Portugal) could be an option!

For details, please email me:

Of course we will credit your contributions! Here are some options for you to see what a contribution would translate to for you (if you had something else in mind, please let me know!):

Logo Placements / Social Media Posts

Website, Social Media:
Logo with link on Sponsors page25€ per month
Logo with link in Newsletter25€ per mail (1 per month)
Logo with link~on front page150€ per month
Dedicated Social Media Posts
(1x Facebook, 1x Instagram,
and 3x Twitter)
300€ (1x per month)
Logo in podcast promo video650€ per episode
Logo with link in Show Notes250€ per episode

Mentions on the Podcast

intro announcementmiddle announcementoutro announcement
30s message500€300€150€


Level 1
(650€ / 7050€)
Level 2
(1400€ / 15400€)
Level 3
(2800€ / 30800€)
Logo with link on Sponsors page1 month/year1 month/year1 month/year
Logo with link in Newsletter1x / 12x1x / 12x1x / 12x
Logo with link on front page1 month/year1 month/year1 month/year
Logo on Show Notes1 / 12 episode1 /12 episode2 / 24 episodes
mentions on podcast:1x/12x 30s middle announcement1x/12x 30s intro announcement2x/24x 30s intro announcement
Logo in podcast promo video1 / 12 episode/s2 / 24 episodes
Dedicated Social Media Posts3/36xTwitter, 12xIG, and 12xFacebook