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SfProcur curator May 14 – 19: Sherilyn Burris -@_sherilynburris

If a week goes by without me Tweeting about infectious diseases, something is seriously wrong.

Sherilyn Burris is a Certified Emergency Manager, and holds master degrees in Occupational Safety and Health & Environmental Management, as well as Public Administration and Emergency.

She works at Cascia Consulting LLC as an adviser for government public safety, corporate, and nonprofit disaster and business continuity programs. In this way, she can help a variety of stakeholders with challenging issues such as climate change and emerging technologies.

Sherilyn is particularly passionate about Human behavior in disasters. She brings attention to the unique ways people access, understand, and use risk data to make personal and community decisions, for example during fires, floods, hurricanes, or earthquakes. She gives workshops, writes publications, and communicates widely on social media.

During her curation on @sfprocur, Sherilyn wants to convey that “Science shows up in the most unexpected places. Government: science. Disasters: science. Data: science. Disease outbreaks: science.” And she will do so with JRR Tolkien references!


Sherilyn always was an avid reader as a child, which led her to science through literature, sociology, and engineering.

Her career path was supposed to be corporate law, but she never actually got there. Instead she started working in government public relations before Florida’s 2005 hurricane season (Hurricanes Dennis, Katrina, Rita, Wilma). “The rest is history.”

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