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#3: The March for Science in Germany – with Dr. Tanja Baudson and Claus Martin

“The population says, ‘this external funding lowers the trust in science!’ “ – Tanja Gabriele Baudson

“I think our task as citizens and as people interested in science, and in truth, and in freedom, [is] to prevent that something like what happened in the United States is going to happen in Germany aswell.” – Claus Martin

Mark the date! The March for Science 2018 is on April 14th! Last year, the March for Science in Germany was the largest (in terms of number of marches) outside the USA. Dr. Tanja Gabriele Baudson, giftedness researcher and visiting professor at the University of Luxemburg, and Claus Martin, a director and composer from Mühlheim, brought local organizer teams together, and coordinated them! In our first external interview, the two describe how they decided to take the initiative. We also cover what they identified as the issue underlying the spread of anti-science sentiments in Germany: a lack of trust in science in the population due to the influence of third party funding. And finally we talk about activities planned for this year’s March for Science in Germany.

further information

To find out more, visit the website of the March for Science in Germany, and consider donating either through the website, or by bank transfer to
IBAN: DE82 8306 5408 0004 0317 33

If you’re not from Germany, you can find the local march closest to you on the international website.

additional note

Tanja briefly mentioned the “science barometer”. This is an annual poll done by “Wissenschaft im Dialog” (Science in Dialogue), which ‘promotes discussion and exchange about research in Germany’.

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