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33 Mandatory Open Access & E****ier – with Bart & Dennis

Photo by Miriam Berger and Bart Geurten

We are back from the summer break! So, we resume the “Bart and Dennis” Talk format!

Bart and I briefly talk about Bart’s research, because he just published an article! And it appeared in a journal that is actually quite good, but it is pay-walled and published by Elsevier.

We then talk about the upcoming Open Science mandate that cOAlition S is trying to establish in Europe. cOAlition S includes some of the biggest funding agencies in Europe, like the Wellcome Trust and the European Research Council. Yet, a lot of scientists seem to still be blissfully unaware.

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Just as a lot of German researchers don’t seem to care a lot about their universities cancelling subscriptions to Elsevier. The publishing company had a survey done on affected German researchers and… well … I don’t think the outcome really reflects the message Elsevier would have liked. And in the end we have a brief news item that may be a reason to have some hopes for a carbon-neutral future.

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